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A men’s bracelet doesn’t have to be big and bulky to make a big impression. A well-made rope bracelet can put a distinctive finishing touch on an outfit while keeping the overall look of an ensemble simple. With Cotton Rope Bracelets, you get a touch of color and texture for your wrist and a classic, nautical-inspired look that is sure to show off your sense of style while keeping to that simple, sleek aesthetic that you prefer.

The Cotton Rope Bracelets are made from 100 percent genuine cotton rope. As a result, the bracelets have a softer texture than bracelets made out of nylon sailing rope, giving them a more flexible feel against the skin. The cotton is also highly breathable, so these bracelets are often preferred by men with active lifestyles and for wear during the summer months. Like the other men’s nautical bracelets sold here at Watch Bandit, the Cotton Rope Bracelets are handmade and adjustable for a customized fit.

In the Cotton Rope Bracelets collection, you’ll find an array of styles in classic color combinations that can coordinate with many outfits. Perfect for wearing alone and layering with other rope bracelets, other styles of men’s bracelets and watches, the bracelets are sure to become favorites in your accessories collection. The Cotton Rope Bracelets can be shipped to locations anywhere in the world, and when you spend more than $49, we’ll send your order at no cost to you. Check out the selection of styles now and bring home your favorites.