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Every gent deserves to treat himself to a little luxury from time to time, and WatchBandit Leather Cord Bracelets let you pamper yourself and enhance your ensembles without having to spend a fortune on accessories.

Reflective of the latest trends in men’s fashions, our leather cord bracelets come in an array of colours from neutral hues like shades of brown, black and grey to pastels to jewel tones. Whatever type of look will best complete your accessories collection, you’ll find it in our leather cord bracelets collection.

Unlike many other leather bracelets sold on the Internet, WatchBandit Leather Cord Bracelets are made from natural leather not polyurethane imitation leather. In fact, we are so choosy about the leathers that we use to construct our bracelets that we only buy our materials direct from tanneries in Italy that are known for producing the finest grades of leather in the world. This makes our leather bracelets more durable and more stylish than the rest, and you’ll feel the difference in their quality the moment that you slip one on your wrist.

Our Leather Cord Bracelets are simple, yet stylish designs that consist of a simple leather cord that is hand cut and then knotted by hand in two spots. The bracelets come in a single size, which is fully adjustable to fit every man. Whether you’re looking for an everyday bracelet or one to wear with a certain ensemble or occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect leather cord bracelet here at WatchBandit.