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Stacks of bracelets are the latest trend in men’s fashion, and getting the look of a perfect stack has never been simpler! The WatchBandit TripleBandit Bracelets give you the look of three bracelets in one, simplifying styling and allowing you to easily add the perfect fashionable finish to any outfit.

Our WatchBandit TripleBandit Bracelets are available in two different styles: leather and nautical rope. The leather bracelets are produced by braiding genuine leather cord to create a 3-millimeter wide rope. The bracelets have a subtle two-colour look due to the contrasting hues along the edges of the cord that can be seen along the braids.

The nautical rope WatchBandit TripleBandit Bracelets are fashioned out of the finest quality maritime sailing rope. The nylon construction of the rope makes the bracelets highly resistant to wear and tear, and like the leather, the rope is 3 millimeters thick for a durable yet still comfortable fit. Our nautical rope bracelets come in two and three colour designs, making them great for mixing and matching.

Whether you choose the leather or nautical rope WatchBandit TripleBandit Bracelets, your bracelet will come finished with a sleek clasp that is made out of heavy-duty steel plated with genuine silver. Grooves in the clasp add to its sophisticated look, and there is a magnet hidden inside to make the bracelet easy to open and close.

Available in three sizes, WatchBandit TripleBandit Bracelets fit all wrists and are handcrafted to ensure that they are the absolute finest quality.