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In an effort to create watch straps that are every bit as durable and resilient as they are stylish, WatchBandit is proud to offer our loyal customers the WatchBandit Original Two-Piece Nato Straps. The straps are perfect for those wanting something a little tougher and sturdier but do not want to sacrifice a thin, minimalistic look in order to get it.

The WatchBandit Original Two-Piece Nato Straps come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from, ensuring that there is something that can suit everyone’s preferences. Choose from solid-colored black, military green, blue or gray, or opt for something with a little more detail by choosing one of our versatile multi-colored options. Regardless of the color you choose, you can rest assured that each strap is crafted to last out of top quality, flat seatbelt-grade nylon material. Although the straps are made from this nylon, they are still soft and smooth against the skin. Each band features a robust, brushed 316L stainless steel buckle with the WatchBandit logo and measures 12 centimeters in length and only 3 millimeters in thickness.

Here at WatchBandit, we are dedicated to providing timepiece collectors with not only the finest quality watches but also the finest quality straps as well. We have taken it upon ourselves to create the WatchBandit Original Two-Piece Nato Straps, all of which have been reasonably priced to make them available to anyone who wants them. Orders over 99 euro come with free shipping all around the world.