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While nylon watch straps and mesh watch bands are undoubtedly stylish, no watch strap is quite as luxurious as the classic leather design. Leather watch straps exude sophistication, so they’re ideal for professional wear and special occasions, but they can also look equally appropriate with your favourite pair of jeans. Watch Bandit makes it easy to find a well-made band to suit any timepiece with our Handmade Leather Watch Straps.

WatchBandit Handmade Leather Watch Straps are made entirely by hand by skilled artisans who work hard to ensure that each strap produced is of impeccable quality. The straps are fabricated out of genuine calf leather, giving them a supple feel and an attractive appearance. Durable stitching ensures that the watch straps can stand the test of time, and we use rustproof stainless steel hardware in our designs.

Nearly all of the Handmade Leather Watch Straps are available in a variety of widths to suit timepieces of a variety of lug sizes. Size options include 18 millimeters, 20 millimeters, 22 millimeters and 24 millimeters, and you can check out the range of sizes available by clicking on any of the watch straps.

At WatchBandit, you’ll find a number of colors to choose from Handmade Leather Watch Straps, guaranteeing that there is a strap that will perfectly complement the look of your vintage or modern timepiece. Our leather watch straps qualify for free shipping to locations anywhere in the world, so start exploring the collection now to find the perfect replacement watch strap to treat you to true handmade quality.