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Is your timepiece’s metal bracelet starting to look shabby? Even the finest quality metal watches can start to get scuffed and scraped over time, leaving you faced with the prospects of costly repairs or purchasing a brand new watch. With WatchBandit Mesh Straps, you don’t have to resort to either. You can simply replace that worn off strap with a brand new gleaming band that will allow you to continue to enjoy that favourite case and dial design.

Not just for replacing worn out bracelets, the WatchBandit Mesh Straps can be utilised to change up the look of a watch with a leather or canvas strap to suit any occasion. Mesh bands have truly timeless appeal and can be stylish choices for the office, for a special event or for just everyday casual wear. Our Watch Bandit Mesh Straps are constructed out of premium materials, such as polished 304 stainless steel, so they can be used daily or only occasionally and stay free of tarnishing and scratches.

Available in 18-millimetre, 20-millimetre, 22-millimetre and 24-millimetre widths, the WatchBandit Mesh Straps can be used to upgrade, change or replace the band of virtually any timepiece. The straps fasten with a fold-down clasp that is easy to secure and that stays firmly closed, so you never have to worry about your watch being lost. By sliding the clasp back and forth along the band, you can quickly adjust the strap to the perfect fit for your wrist, as our designs are one size fits all.