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Watch Strap Width

Changing your watch strap can dramatically alter the appearance of a timepiece, giving it a new look for a special occasion. With their flexible fit and breathable weaves, Perlon straps are one of the most popular options among replacement watch bands. Now, it’s possible to change up the look of a Perlon strap to customize the appearance of your watch even more with our replacement Perlon Strap Buckles.

The Perlon Strap Buckles are designed specifically to work with the design of Perlon straps to offer a secure closure and easy fastening. Available in sizes to fit 18 millimeter, 20 millimeter, 22 millimeter and 24 millimeter watch bands, the strap buckles are available to work with virtually any Perlon watch band. Made out of stainless steel, the buckles are highly resistant to wear and tear, and they will never rust or corrode. You can choose from classic silver or opt for one of the durably electroplated models with a colored finish. These strap buckles can be used to replace failing, worn or aged hardware or to simply alter the appearance of a Perlon strap to better match a watch.

Give your Perlon straps a whole new look or upgrade them for comfort and durability with the finest quality replacement Perlon strap buckles on the market today. Order one of our Perlon Strap Buckles today! We can ship the buckles to locations anywhere in the world, and they make the perfect add-on for any of our premium quality Perlon replacement watch bands.