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Leather watch straps are something that every watch collector strives to have in their collection, thanks to their ability to add a touch of class to any watch they are paired with. However, not all watch straps are made equal, and the Barington Aeronautica watch straps are a testament to that. These Barington Aeronautica watch straps are made with fine leather that doesn’t come with any unnecessary frills, each one elegant and regal all on its own.

The Barington Aeronautica watch straps are all made out of extremely soft, durable and comfortable leather, which is soft against the skin and won’t cause a sticky feeling. Each one of them is made by hand in Germany, all crafted from top-quality leather that is designed to outlast the years. They feature ornate perforation that not only serves as a way to secure the watch around the wrist but also offers a nice decorative touch. The polished stainless steel buckle ensures a comfortable yet snug fit. Measuring 20.5 centimeters in length and 5 millimeters thick, these watch straps go perfectly with any larger watches in your collection.

Through WatchBandit, you can own one of the Barington Aeronautica watch straps to complete your collection of handsome leather watches. Whether you choose the light brown, dark brown or black options that we have available, you can get each one of them for the low price of 45 euros. Orders over 99 euros come with free shipping to anywhere in the world.