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Leather watch straps all tend to be designed in a similar manner. That is to say, they put emphasis on thickness, on stitching detail and on the buckles in order to give a regal appeal. The Barington Croco-Print watch straps accomplish this in a way that is different from those other watch straps that work within cookie cutter boundaries by putting the detail on the watch inherently through the leather itself instead of adding additional details. These watch straps feature a natural crocodile-style detailing that provides just the right amount of detail to the look.

With the Barington Croco-Print watch straps, there is a large variety of color options to go with the unique texture of the leather, offering you a chance to change up your watch straps for both traditional and modern watches alike. These watch straps come in light brown, dark brown, green, blue, burgundy, grey and black. The leather is soft to the touch and will never irritate the skin. Each features a polished stainless steel buckle that adds flair to the look and attaches the strap to the wrist securely through the handsome perforation found throughout the watch strap itself. These watch straps measure 19 centimeters in length and are around 4 millimeters thick. Hand-sewn details finish off the look.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized retailer of the Barington Croco-Print watch straps. You can find any of these watch straps here at the low price of 30 euros, and there’s free worldwide shipping on orders over 99 euros.