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Sometimes when it comes to choosing a new watch strap to add to your collection, you just want something that is stripped down to its bare basics and does the job without being too overproduced or detailed. Leather watch straps are an excellent way to complete any modern or traditional watch strap collection, and the Barington Soft Nappa watch straps can help you to do so, no matter what sort of watches you hope to pair them with. These watch straps are all simple and straightforward leather watches that will be able to complement any watch in your collection, thanks to their color options and sheer simplicity.

The Barington Soft Nappa watch straps come in five handsome colors for you to choose from, including black, golden brown, red, dark brown and a standard brown hue. These watch straps are made out of ultra-comfortable, smooth calf nappa leather that is smooth and supple, both in the way it feels against your skin and in the way it looks on the outside. These straps feature hand-sewn details around their borders giving them just the right amount of classic detail without making them look frilly. These straps measure a total length of 19 centimeters with an approximate width of 4 millimeters.

The Barington Soft Nappa watch straps sold here at WatchBandit can be yours for a respectable price of 35 euros a piece. Orders that are over 99 euros all come with free shipping to anywhere in the world.