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Leather watch straps hold a timeless appeal that adds class to any sort of watch, whether that means you want to pair it with a modern timepiece or classic one alike. While smooth leather can do the trick, there is something to be said about the natural appeal of aged leather. All of the gentle cracks and discoloration of aged leather shows its true character, and in turn, it can show your personality, too. That is what the Eulit Barington watch straps hope to achieve. These watch straps feature a naturally aged look that accentuates all of the innate character leather can possess to turn your watches into something truly special.

The Eulit Barington watch straps come in three different colors, each one a subtle shift in the brown hues they are available in for those who love attention to detail. These watches come in vintage brown, vintage grey and vintage beige hues. Each one comes with the natural aged look of leather, with its fine lines and veins that give it its character. The leather is soft to the touch and feels comfortable against the skin. There are hand-stitched details on the end that gives it an added bit of detail. Each strap measures 18 to 22 millimeters in length and is suitable for most wrist sizes.

You can get your very own Eulit Barington watch straps right here on WatchBandit for the affordable price of 50 euros a piece. With purchases over 99 euros, you can enjoy free worldwide shipping as well.