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If you are looking for a bracelet that combines the highest workmanship and leather quality with a classic look at an affordable price, you have found it with the Eulit Taurus series. The usual high quality workmanship of Eulit Werke Staude is also reflected in these classic leather straps. Straightforward, no frills and everything in the best quality at fair prices. So it was clear that at WatchBandit we had to list the Eulit Taurus bands because they are 100% in line with our philosophy “It pays to buy good straps”. If you choose one of these bands, we promise you that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Leather straps are perhaps the most prestigious and classic of all watch straps. Most watches come with a leather band to start with because they are so widely loved and sought after. That said, many leather straps often only come in brown or black leather, leaving you with fewer options for customization and expressing your style. With the Eulit Taurus watch straps, you can take back your style and show your personality through a wide range of colours, all expressed through the stylish leather you know and love.

Each one of the Eulit Taurus watch straps is made out of ultra-soft, extremely high-quality calf leather that not only looks amazing but also will not irritate the skin. These comfortable watch straps come in a variety of colours for you to mix and match with your watches, including classic black, dark brown and blue. Other available colours include green, light brown, burgundy, dark gray and white. Regardless of the colour that is chosen, each one of the straps measures 19.4 centimeters in length and has a thickness of about four millimeters. The buckles are made out of stainless steel and measure two millimeters less than the width of the spring bar.

At WatchBandit, we are proud to offer a full line of Eulit Taurus watch straps. Each one is reasonably priced at only 25 euros, and orders over 99 euros will come with free worldwide shipping included.