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Owning a leather watch strap is something that requires careful wear. Leather is a material that can be easily susceptible to wear and tear, making it one that you must always keep your eye on in rainy or wet conditions. Even so, leather is still worn with formal watches for the sophisticated appeal that it provides any timepiece. With these EUTech Belize watch straps, you can enjoy all of the luxurious appeal that leather straps can bring to a watch without any of the inconvenience that comes with owning and maintaining one.

The EUTech Belize watch straps are designed to look just like your favorite leather watch without any of the hassles. They come in a rich dark brown, light brown and stark black colors in order to allow you to pair them with any watch in your collection. They even feature contrast stitching for a nice finishing touch. Even though they have a leather look, they are instead made of soft, smooth leather that is comfortable against the skin and will never feel irritating or sticky. Each one measures a total size of 20 centimeters in length by five millimeters in thickness for a robust and handsome appeal. There is a stainless steel buckle that connects the watch strap around the wrist securely and allows for adjustability in size.

WatchBandit is a proud authorized retailer of the EUTech Belize watch straps. You can bring home your own for only 40 euros with orders over 99 euros available with free shipping.