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Designed to add versatility and eccentricity to the current watch industry, the Atto Verticale has created their line of Origin watches. The incredible design takes everything you know about time keeping and flips it on its head to provide you with a cutout dial with only a thin strip in the center to make the letter “I”, making the watch unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A must-have for any modern watch collector, the timepiece is sure to draw attention and compliments wherever you go.

There are a number of different Origin watches, each one available in colors that stand out and shine. The colors available include red, orange, silver, black, gold and blue. The cases of these timepieces are made out of strong aluminum and measure 42 millimeters in diameter, making them large, eye-catching and easy to read. Each watch runs on a hand-wound movement that helps to further the appeal of this already very Steam Punk watch. Protecting the unique dial is a durable sapphire crystal glass that stops impact damage and won’t allow dents to occur on the free-standing watch hands. The case sits on a brown leather or canvas watch strap with a metallic buckle closure that provides a handsome finishing touch.

WatchBandit is a proud authorized retailer of these one-of-a-kind Atto Verticale watches. We offer them at a price of 294 euro straight across the board, and each one comes with free shipping to anywhere on the globe.