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Authorized Retailer for Boldr Watches

BOLDR Expedition – Ready for your next adventure

Born from the belief that adventure should be accessible to everyone, BOLDR watches have a full collection of daring styles and visually stunning designs that can suit any adventurer’s tastes. Their brand is built around the ideas of courage, community and confidence, hoping to inspire anyone who wears their watches to get out and see the world in the way that interests them the most.

Within the BOLDR collection, there are four unique lines for you to look through to find the one that speaks to your unique style and sense of adventure. These lines include the Odyssey, the Expedition, the Voyager and the Globetrotter. The Odyssey is clearly inspired by old-fashioned dive watches with nautical influences merged into a contemporary style that makes the line perfect for the modern age. The Voyager line includes vintage aspects that appeal to your love of classic timepieces. Through the Expedition line, you are given a more modern watch that does not sacrifice its rugged, adventurous nature for its style. Finally, the Globetrotter line includes aspects of both, thanks to its sleek round dial and squared-off case.

At WatchBandit, we are proud to be an authorized retailer of BOLDR watches. Here, we offer the full collection of BOLDR timepieces with each of the lines available for purchase. The watches range in price from 299 euro to 970 euro, making these luxury, adventurous timepieces available to anyone who wants them. Each of these BOLDR timepieces comes with free shipping to anywhere in the world.