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Bonvier is an Italian company that began selling their top quality watches not too long ago. While their company may be young, they understand the hard work and dedication that creating sophisticated timepieces entails, bringing their customers luxurious Italian watches that can be obtained at an affordable price. Formed in Rome, Italy, their watches boast elements that are indicative of the company’s origins, offering watches that are unlike any that you will find anywhere else

Bonvier Watches pay special attention to detail. While they create minimalistic timepieces, every facet of their watches is constructed meticulously to put the focus on craftsmanship and design. They boast four different collections: The Navona Collection, the Classic Collection, the Cavour Collection and the Monza Collection. Each of these collections utilize beautiful materials such as gold cases and leather bands, providing a luxurious feel for a fraction of the cost. Dials range from black to blue to crisp white and silver, offering a huge range of choices for you to select from. A dependable and reliable Seiko VD78 Quartz movement keeps the time in these watches to provide functionality and beauty all at once.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized retailer of Bonvier Watches. We bring you these stunning timepieces at an affordable and competitive price, ensuring that anyone who wants a taste of true Italian luxury can get it. Furthering the inexpensive nature of these watches is our free shipping policy, one that provides totally free shipping to anywhere on the globe.