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DuFa – Deutsche Uhrenfabrik Thüringen

DuFa stands for “Deutsche Uhrenfabrik Thüringen”, which means “German watch factory Thüringen”. It was founded in March 1989 by Otto Hott, Eckart Haller and his sister Doris Stoll-Haller. During and after the quartz-crisis in the 70’s to mid 80’s it was not easy to found and establish a watch brand. Over the years, DuFa watches never established like its founders would have wished for. and they declared bankruptcy in the 1990’s. In 2016 the name rights were bought and the spirit of DuFa revived. Like the phoenix from the ashes, DuFa creates time pieces again like their founders had dreamed it before.

Bauhaus spirit today

Thüringen is a state in the heart of Germany where we can find the famous city Weimar, the birthplace of the Bauhaus. The architect Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus school in Weimar in 1919, when the Weimar Saxon Grand Ducal Art School and the Weimar Academy of Fine Art merged. The minimalistic design of DuFa watches correspond to the philosophy of the Bauhaus: Less is more. Today DuFa watches unify the best of the iconic Bauhaus school traditions, underpinned by uncompromising modern standards in manufacturing and componentry. With understatement and modern aesthetic, each piece embodies the movement’s philosophy. 

German design with Japanese precision

The mechanical movements of DuFa watches are Japanese Miyota movements. Japanese and German engineering are both famous for their precision and craftmanship and have a lot in common. The Miyota self-winding movement is a  robust and very reliable movement, that is well known in the micro-brand scene and beyond. The movement is equipped with the so called “parashock” shock system. The jewel bearings, which support the balance wheel, are spring-loaded. With an anti-shock system, the balance wheel’s pivots are protected from damage in the event of dropping the watch or hitting it against something hard and it will keep its precision over time.