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Eone watches have been created with not only a beautiful and functional design, but one that is totally inclusive as well. These watches have been designed to suit those with blindness or even slight visual impairment who want to own stylish, sophisticated timepieces–something that many watch brands intended to help the blind don’t offer. Eone watches set out to change that with their business, providing unique timepieces that include styles that can suit the likes of anyone, whether you are sighted or visually impaired.

Straying far away from the norm of unappealing and unattractive timepieces for the blind and visually impaired, Eone watches creates sleek and modern watches that make it simple to tell the time while also incorporating incredible style into the look. These watches feature raised indicators that make it simple to run the finger across the dial and feel where the magnetic ball is sitting according to what time it might be. You can look at these watches and tell the time, or feel for the time–whichever best suits your situation. Their watches are not only accessible and convenient but stylish as well, available in silver, black, yellow gold and rose gold alike. A variety of straps and dial types are available in order for you to make a daring fashion statement at the same time.

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