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The word “Kanske” is a compound word of Danish descent. While it literally means “maybe,” it translates into “might happen.” Therefore, Kanske watches are watches that encourage their wearers to think about all of the things that could happen in their lives, and to keep an eye on the time that they have in which to complete their goals. The idea is to encourage imagination in the owners of these watches; to encourage people to make the most out of their time on this Earth and finding new opportunities to make their dreams come true.

These watches all use a Swiss Ronda 5030.D premium quartz movement as well as a three eye chronograph that allows for robust power. The high quality and functionality of these watches offer a beautiful movement that affords reliability and precision. These movements power the elegance of the Kanske watches, a brand that is modern and chic with elements of minimalism and urban flair. Classic timepiece elements make their way into the watches as well to provide a timeless vision that can appeal to people of all preferences. Their watches offer dials in neutral colors such as black, white and gray with cases that are cast in everything from gold to silver.

Kanske watches are Danish designed and therefore come with all of the classic signifiers of such work: top quality components; classic craftsmanship; high functionality; and luxurious appeal. Elegant and rather exquisite, these watches offer Italian calf leather straps that add to the appeal. WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized retailer of these watches and sell them at a competitive price point.