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A trip to the Renaissance Building of Piazza San Marco sent two brothers on a journey to bring 16th century watchmaking back to the mainstream in the 21st century. They fell in love with the mechanics of the clock in the clock tower and have now made it so they can distribute those mechanics in timepiece form for all to enjoy.

These watches feature three different collections: Arsenale, Nereide and Redentore. The Redentore collection features influence from a famous Venetian building, while the Nereide takes its inspiration from a Venetian submarine of the same name. The Arsenale is inspired by the many ships docked in the Royal Shipyard within the Serenissima Republic. All of these watches are durably made and intended to outlast decades of wear, making it possible for you to pass down the beauty of 16th century Italian watchmaking to those you love.

Alongside the already beautiful timepieces, the Meccaniche Veneziane watches come with genuine Italian leather watch straps. Each one of them has been made by hand in Italy in order to provide you with the finest vegetable tanned leather around. The raw hides from Tuscany offer an unparalleled experience, and the resulting patina is just as unique.

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