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Miró Watches were created with the goal to bring watches back into style. They set out to create a watch that you will not only use to tell the time, but that you will wear as a fashion statement–one that you will not be able to take your eyes off of. These watches are fantastically modern and sophisticated while still being subtle and calm to the eye.

Miró Watches are all made out of 316L stainless steel for their cases. This stainless steel has been given a gold or silver tone to adhere to the fashion sense of any person. Measuring 38 millimeters in diameter, these watches are ideal for wear by men and women alike, no matter what size of wrist they have. Miró Watches use a dependable Swiss quartz movement that keeps the time both reliably and accurately. The dials come in different neutral colors such as black, cream white and gray with a few other brighter colors thrown into the mix. Protecting the dials from the elements is a flat sapphire crystal glass that is able to prevent nicks and scratches from damaging the watches and will keep them

WatchBandit is proud to say we are an authorized retailer of these beautiful timepieces. We offer these Miró Watches at a reasonable and competitive price to ensure that anyone who would like one can have one. Our shipping is also free of charge to anywhere on the globe, no matter where you live.