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Dive into the Nordic Seas with Nordic Marine Instruments


Discover Nordic Marine Instruments – a brand that breathes life into the spirit of the Nordic seas. Crafted with precision and inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern waters, Nordic Marine Instruments timepieces are a testament to artistry and functionality.

Captivating Wave Dial Design of the ØSTERSØEN

Each watch in this collection is meticulously designed, featuring brushed and specially MØRK-polished stainless steel using diamond-paste, that exudes refinement while ensuring durability. At its heart lies the signature wave dial, a captivating nod to the ever-changing nature of the sea.


With a clean and uncluttered design, these timepieces boast a no-date feature, elegantly uncomplicated hands, and indices. The brushed steel bezel adds a touch of sophistication, perfectly balancing the watch’s aesthetics.

Swiss Super-LumiNova for Enhanced Legibility

Nordic-Marine-Instruments-ØSTERSØEN-Himmelblå-lume Kopie

Nordic Marine Instruments uses Swiss Super-LumiNova to illuminate their dials, ensuring legibility even in low-light conditions. These watches are designed to capture the essence of the Nordic sea, making them a unique addition to any watch collection.

Nordic Marine Instruments-danish fishing ships-min

Kickstarter Success – Over 350% Funded!

Celebrate our Kickstarter campaign‘s phenomenal success – over 350% funded! Explore the enchanting world of Nordic Marine Instruments at Watchbandit.com and immerse yourself in the allure of the Northern seas. With a commitment to quality and a focus on design, these timepieces are more than just watches; they are an embodiment of a timeless journey.