Rebel Watches: A Family Tradition

Micro watch brands are constantly emerging, and many are founded by men and women who just bring a passion for watchmaking to their designs. It’s rare to find a micro brand that grows out of a family watchmaking tradition, but that’s precisely what the roots of the Rebel Time Co. are.

The Rebel Time Co. was founded by the grandsons of Issador Lakein, who opened a watch store in Baltimore after immigrating from Ukraine in 1913. Lakein was well known for his watch designs and watch repair services, and his business inspired his grandsons to start creating watches of their own.

While Rebel Watches were inspired by vintage timepieces, their designs are distinctly modern with bold hour markers and stylish chronograph sub-dials. The watches come with rubber and leather straps, both of which are manufactured near the watch company’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The watches feature sapphire crystal faces and stainless steel cases for quality and are water-resistant up to 100 meters for everyday wear. Cut-out luminous numbers allow for easy reading in low light.

The Rebel Time Company is launching their first watch collection through a Kickstarter campaign. Their initial funding goal was $10,000, but with 3 days left in the campaign, the brand had already raised more than $29,000 in funds. A number of rewards were still available to claim, including pledge levels that include discounts on watches or free watches. The completed Rebel Watches are expected to ship in September 2016.

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