REC An Emphasis on Sustainability

More and more men around the world are becoming concerned with the well-being of the planet and are beginning to make buying decisions based not only upon quality, price and style, but also upon sustainability. In the world of watchmaking, few brands have striven to release designs that can truly appeal to eco minded males, but REC Watches is striving to change that. By emphasizing sustainability as much as form and functionality, REC Watches offers a truly unique timepiece that you can feel good about wearing.

A New Name in Luxury Watches

REC Watches is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a new name in men’s watches. The company was founded in 2013 with their introductory collection. Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup founded the company and were motivated primarily by their love for quality timepieces. The pair felt that there was something truly missing from the world of watches, as there were no options available for men who wanted timepieces of impeccable style that were also perfectly suited for sustainable lifestyles. Their lineup of watches is already perfectly fitting that niche, leading to rapid growth and increasing prominence for the brand.

An Emphasis on Sustainability

The REC in REC Watches comes from the first three letters of the words recover, recycle and reclaim and is a testament to how important eco friendliness is to the designers. All REC Watches are made from reclaimed steel instead of new materials. This helps to conserve natural resources while also ensuring that less waste ends up in landfills. Specifically, REC Watches are manufactured out of recycled automotive steel. Each timepiece has the VIN number of the vehicle from which it was made engraved on its back. Because reclaimed materials are used in the construction of the timepieces, no two produced have identical dials, making each of the REC Watches made one of a kind.

Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed

All REC Watches are carefully crafted to ensure that they are truly of the finest quality. The process starts by hand selecting the recycled materials that will go into each and every watch. By being choosy over the items used, the manufacturer is able to ensure a much higher level of quality in the finished product. The watches are assembled by hand by individual artisans from start to finish. This helps to reduce the chances of flaws occurring during the manufacturing process and makes each watch a true work of art.

The REC Watches Lineup

REC Watches currently offers two lines of men’s watches. First, there is the Cooper collection, which was inspired by the design of the vintage Mini Cooper. The classic models were typically painted with dual stripes along their hoods, and these lines are shown on each model in the Cooper collection. The Mark I collection is inspired by the dashboard of the Mark I Mini Cooper, which was oval in shape. The dials of the Mark I watches have this distinctive oval in their middles to represent the automobiles. REC Watches are current available from Watch Bandit and other stores and retail for around €335. See the whole collection here.

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