Richardt & Mejer: Bringing Danish Design to Watchmaking

Denmark has long been known for its stunning architecture, and the unique style of modern architects that hail from the Scandinavian country have a distinctive style. In Danish design, emphasis is on creating forms that are simple and straightforward yet distinctive due to their sleekness and smoothness. Now, the same principles that are applied to designing breathtaking buildings are being used to create a line of men’s watches of unparalleled quality by up-and-coming watchmaker Richardt & Mejer.

Richardt & Mejer is named for its founders, a pair of friends who share a passion for watches. Together, the designers began developing a line of watches that reflected their personal tastes and the heritage of Danish architecture. In 2015, the brand had their official launch, and today is producing a line of exceptional timepieces in Copenhagen.

The inaugural line of watches from Richardt & Mejer is called the Signature collection. With sleek lines and sharp angles, the watches reflect Danish design sensibilities, and they are powered by RONDA powertech caliber 515 Swiss movement systems for reliability. Striking sunray effect dials, premium quality 316L stainless steel cases and textured calfskin leather bands are used in the designs. A variety of colors are available to suit men’s tastes.

Currently, Richardt & Mejer watches can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at the brand’s official website. The timepieces sell for around $500 with free international shipping on all orders and tax-free sales for customers located outside of the EU.

(Pictures by Richardt & Mejer)

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