Rolex DateJust Rhapsody in Blue

Okay, so this was another photo that left us gasping when we Spotted it! This entire photograph is really a work of art, so we just had to show it to all of you. The pic was taken by Instagram user @gmtfanatic who has appeared on our blog more than once before.

This time, he’s showing off the styling of his Rolex DateJust with one of our 20mm Perlon watch straps. We love this photo for so many reasons. The combination of the blue and white check sleeve with the royal blue dial and matching Perlon strap is fabulous. Not only is the blue balanced by the timepiece, but the white of the sleeve is brightened by the coin edge bezel, too. Plus, check out how the BMW logo on the steering wheel even matches!

Thanks for posting your photo, @gmtfanatic!

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