Rolex Daytona with an Anchor Bracelet

Rolex timepieces have been synonymous with luxury since the first ones were produced back in 1905. In 1963, Rolex introduced their mechanical, self-winding Daytona, a model that is highly coveted today. When you own a watch like the Rolex Daytona, you want to be able to show it off every day, but not every outfit looks great when finished with the luxury watch on its own.

This photograph shows the solution to a style conundrum–how to pair this Rolex Daytona timepiece with a simple navy blue cotton long-sleeve jersey. On its own, the watch has a polished look that can seem too dressy for a basic knit shirt, but when a casual, cool rope anchor bracelet is worn between the sleeve and the watch, the look becomes truly perfect.

The key to tying together an outfit with a Rolex using a rope anchor bracelet is to take the basic colors of the watch and the bracelet options into consideration. The timepiece that we styled here has a silver bracelet, so a WatchBandit rope bracelet with a silver anchor was the perfect choice. The dial and sub-dials of the Rolex Daytona are white in color, so we focused on our silver anchor bracelets that had white in their designs. Then, we looked for the styles that also included navy blue to complement the sleeve. In the end, the North Atlantic Anchor Bracelet was the perfect choice.

By building a small collection of WatchBandit Anchor Bracelets that match your Rolex Daytona or other luxury watch, you’ll always have the perfect accessory on hand to tie your timepiece with your ensembles. Shop the anchor bracelet collection now.

(Owners WristShot by lifeofawis)

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