Rolex GMT-Master Goes Green

A lot of gents shy away from coloured watch straps because they’re not quite sure how best to pair them except with a watch that has a dial in the exact same colour. That’s why we were so excited to see this Instagram post from @gmtfanatic! We’ve showcased @gmtfanatic’s stylings before, and this one is another truly exceptional look that’s sure to inspire.

@gmtfanatic used his Rolex GMT-Master as the base for this look. The timepiece has a black dial and a black bezel, but if you look closely at the photograph, you’ll see that the writing on the dial and the second hand are a deep shade of forest green. When swapping out the bracelet of his Rolex, @gmtfanatic picked up on that hue, opting for a Perlon Strap in Green to bring out those subtle tones. The effect is really handsome and allows the small details of the Rolex to really come to life.

Keep the photos coming, @gmtfanatic! You have a real eye for watch fashions!

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