Rolex Submariner Really Shines Beside a White Gold Hook

We’ve spotted another fabulous pairing starring a Rolex Submariner on Instagram! This edition of Spotted comes compliments of @watchmarshall who used one of our hook bracelets to add a little nautical style to his silver and black Submariner.

We love the idea of mixing anchors with diver watches in general, as it plays upon the nautical origins of both accessories, but we were really blown away by the duo that @watchmarshall put together. By keeping to a monochrome palette, he was able to really make the white gold plating on the hook clasp of the bracelet and the dial and strap of his Rolex shine. What’s also masterful about this pairing is how the white accent fibres on the nylon nautical rope echo the white dot markers, minute markers and bezel markers of the Rolex Submariner.

Thanks so much for sharing your styling photo, @watchmarshall!

Please keep on tagging @watchbandits on Instagram! You never know when you’ll be Spotted next!

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