RPaige Watches: Giving Antique Watches New Life

Minimalist modern watches do have distinctive appeal, but there is something to be said for the watchmaking designs of past generations. That’s why antique watches have so many fans of all ages all around the world. Now, one watch brand is giving new life to antique watches and bringing them into the modern age. That brand is the RPaige, and their Wrocket watch is one that any antique watch enthusiast will want to own.

RPaige Watches was founded by Richard Paige, who is the fourth generation of Paiges to make watches. Paige is known not only as the founder of several successful watch stores but also as the creator of the website The brand was founded to bring Paige’s unique Wrocket Watch to the market.

What makes the Wrocket so unusual is that it’s a hybrid design that incorporates 12 size pocket watch movements with a traditional wristwatch design. Inside of each RPaige Wrocket Watch is an authentic pocket watch movement system produced between 1897 and 1929. The movements are still in mint condition and are every bit as reliable as modern movements.

The RPaige Wrocket watch is offered in a wide variety of designs and styles and has been released in numerous limited edition runs as well. Currently, the RPaige Wrocket with a steel or titanium case sells from $2800 to $3400, and the brand will also make bespoke versions of the timepiece with rare antique movements upon special request. More information is available on the RPaige website.

(Picture by RPaige Watches)

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