Rubber Straps: A New Take on NATO

NATO watch straps are one of the most popular types of watch bands in the world. Men love how secure NATO straps fit, and the right ones can be used to change the look of a watch by introducing new colors and textures. Traditionally, NATO straps are made out of nylon canvas but now that’s changing with the help of a pair of Indonesian designers that are now offering a fresh take on NATO straps.

The new NATO straps in question are made out of rubber rather than nylon. As a result, they are ultra durable and more flexible than conventional NATO straps. This makes the straps ideal for activewear and for guys who simply want something different than the traditional NATO strap.

The initial collection of rubber NATO straps includes eight designer colors: black, yellow, red, green, brown, grey, navy and orange. Gents can also choose from three different buckle finishes: sand blasted steel, black DLC and rose gold DLC. The straps come in three width sizes with 20-millimeter, 22-millimeter and 24-millimeter options.

The Indonesia designers behind the NATO rubber watch straps are hoping to bring their new replacement watch bands to market through a Kickstarter campaign. To be fully funded, the campaign must raise $14,327. At the time this piece was written, the Kickstarter had generated $1,178 in revenues, and there were 43 days remaining in the campaign. The designers are offering a number of rewards, including single straps and sets of the rubber straps.

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  1. Jesus M. Garcia says:

    It seems like a very nice product. Would love to purchase. Please advise when they are available to be bought.

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