Shop your Sailor Bracelet at WatchBandit

If you keep up on the latest men’s fashion trends, you’re likely seeing the term sailor bracelet popping up time and time again. Sailor’s bracelets are having a big moment in the world of men’s fashion with guys who have never been on a boat at all showing them off for casual and dressier occasions.

But what is a Sailor Bracelet exactly?

Well, there is no single definition for what a bracelet must be to be called a “sailor” style, but there are some general characteristics:

  • Most sailor bracelets are fashioned out of maritime sailing rope. This strong, sturdy material is constructed out of nylon fibres and has a woven look.
  • Most sailor bracelets feature one dominant colour with one or more accent colours. The accents are usually diagonal stripes that are woven into the bracelet singly or in groups to create different patterns.
  • Most sailor bracelets are adjustable. Unlike link bracelets for men, sailor designs are usually able to be adjusted for a one size fits all effect. The most common way that the bracelets adjust is with a knot that slides back and forth to double up the length of the bracelet.
  • Some sailor bracelets will have metal clasps with a nautical-inspired clasp to keep them closed. Clasps may be shaped like anchors or fish hooks.

You can see some great examples of nautical rope bracelet designs in our collection here at WatchBandit. We have both plain sailor bracelet, hook bracelet and anchor bracelet designs from which to choose. Explore the collection now!

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