Sastek Watches: High Tech Timepieces

When you’re in a hurry, even a watch with a large dial and over-sized hour markers can be difficult to read. The traditional watch design hasn’t been improved upon much over the years, but a brand new watch brand has finally found a way to simplify timekeeping. That brand is Sastek Watches, and their new line of watches is truly unique.

Unlike other watches that featured modified timekeeping mechanisms, Sastek Watches have no hands at all. Instead, the watches feature an innovative three indicator system that lets you tell the time accurately with just a quick glance. A high contrast color triangle points to the hour, and a cutaway window shows the minutes. In the middle, a spinning swirl ticks away the seconds, as a tribute to aviation, wherein the seconds disc mimics a jet engine spinner. At night, the watches are still very easy to read due to the Super Luminova luminous paint finish on their dials.

While Sastek Watches are very unique, they are not novelty watches. Each timepiece is masterfully crafted and powered by Miyota 9015 Automatic Japanese movement systems to reliably track the time. A variety of colors are available.

Sastek is currently putting the finishing touches on their watch collection. The brand plans to bring their new line to the market through a Kickstarter campaign, which is slated to begin in August 2016. There is no word yet on the exact date that the campaign will launch or when watches will be shipped. Images of the watches and more information is available at the Sastek Watches website.

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