Saturno Watch: Customizable to Suit Your Mood

Men who want to purchase stylish watches often struggle to decide just which style to select, as they want to ensure that the timepiece that they choose is versatile enough to wear with everything. Still, many men end up finding that they need to purchase more watches in the future either because they grow tired of the design or need a different look for a special occasion. The Saturno Watch was designed with this problem in mind and offers men a timepiece that is easy to customize.

The Saturno Watch features an interchangeable case that allows you to modify its look with just a few quick twists. Cases are available in a variety of finishes and shapes with options ranging from classic to sporty to out of this world. Men can also change out the perforated silicone straps, replacing them with different colors. The timepieces are a standard size, so they are also compatible with mesh replacement bands as well as NATO, Perlon and Zulu nylon watch straps.

The maker of the Saturno Watch, Element Watches, brought their innovative new watch design to life through a Kickstarter campaign. The brand set a modest goal, which they achieved, raising $3587 CAD to fully fund their project. Now, Element Watches is accepting pre-orders for the Saturno Watch at their official website. The watch sells for $325 with extra cases retailing for $36. Silicone replacement straps in different colors are sold for $28.

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