Seiko Diver Makes Another Splash

He’s back! We featured a photo from the Instagram feed of @ouwensjw recently, but he wasn’t done impressing us just yet. He showed off another styling of his Seiko Diver watch that we’ve Spotted. This look includes the same two elements of his earlier pairing, but he swapped out the bracelet on his diver watch in favour of a new NATO strap.

The NATO Strap that @ouwensjw is showing off here is white in colour with an orange centre stripe flanked by two black pin stripes. The name adds a whole new element because it makes the black finish on the anchor and the white accents on the nylon rope bracelet stand out while bringing out all of the details of the watch dial more.

Thanks for posting your photo, @ouwensjw! Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! Or maybe in this case…positioned stylishly beside your sleeve.

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