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Seiko to Partner with Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Diver’s watches are so commonly worn today that it’s easy to forget that these stylish timepieces are actually intended for a functional purchase–to hold up to the effects of deep water to help scuba divers track the hours and time dives accurately. Seiko is especially well known for their diver’s watch designs, and if you’ve ever wondered if their watches actually hold up to undersea conditions, the latest news from the brand will put your curiosity to rest!

Because Seiko diver’s watches are so reliable for divers, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors has decided to form a professional partnership with the watchmaker. The company and the professional association are teaming up for something called Project Aware, an initiative that seeks to educate diving instructors and scuba divers about ocean conservation.

To raise awareness and funds for Project Aware, Seiko plans to manufacture two limited edition diver’s watches, which will be called the Prospex PADI Special Editions. The line-up includes a Kinetic GMT Diver with a Caliber 5M85 movement that is recharged via kinetic energy as you move and an Automatic Diver’s watch with a 24 jewel Caliber 4R36 movement system. Both watches are water resistant at depths of up to 200 meters and feature durable stainless steel cases.

The two new Seiko watches produced for the Project Aware initiative will be available for purchase this autumn. There is no word yet about when the pre-sale for the watches will take place.

(Picture by Seiko)

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