Set Sail with Nautical Bracelets

Nautical bracelets are one of the hottest looks in men’s jewelry today, and even before these bracelets were heating up the runways, they had plenty of classical appeal that made them always en vogue.

If you’re looking to add a nautical bracelet to your wardrobe, there are a few ways you can get the look:

  1. The Simple Nautical Bracelet. The simple nautical bracelet is made entirely out of maritime sailing rope. The bracelets are continuous, meaning they don’t have any type of fastening and closure; however, you can adjust them by moving the knots included in their designs.
  2. The Rope Anchor Bracelet. Anchor bracelets are one of the most popular nautical bracelet designs. These bracelets combine the look of maritime sailing rope with a large metal anchor clasp with a white gold, gold, rose gold or black anchor. The precious metals are all genuine, while the black is a heavy-duty PVD.
  3. The Leather Anchor Bracelet. The leather anchor bracelet is one of the newer looks among nautical bracelet designs. This look is very similar to the rope anchor bracelet, except that instead of nylon sailing rope, genuine Italian leather is used in their designs. The hooks in this collection are available in an array of finishes like the rope anchors.

Any of these types of nautical bracelets is sure to have you dressed to impress. You can check out all of the options available in these collections and place your order here at Watch Bandit. Our bracelets are of the absolute finest quality, and they’re still priced reasonably.

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