SevenFriday & WatchBandit Fish Hook Bracelets

When you’re wearing a uniquely shaped, modern timepiece, you want to finish it off with accessories that enhance, not detract from its style. Some gents find this difficult, but this photo shows how well  @peterkovacs10 has mastered the art.

Sent into us all the way from Norway, this photo shows two WatchBandit fish hook bracelets and a SevenFriday watch. The timepiece has a squared off case with a highly polished silver finish that goes perfectly with the white gold plated hooks. We love how the red, blue and white and green, orange and white colours of the bracelets work with one another and offset the timepiece. By placing the bracelets on the lower part of his wrist, he guides the eye masterfully to the watch.

Great look, @peterkovacs10! We appreciate you sharing it.

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