Simpl Watches: Simple, Yet Chic Watch Designs

Does something have to be fancy to have value? Is flashiness what makes something fashionable? Do you have to continually update your wardrobe with accessories to keep your look up to date? The designers behind Simpl Watches think the answers to all of these questions is an emphatic “no,” and they’re setting out to help men and women break free of traditional style conventions with their unique line of timepieces.

Since 2013, Thai designers Tanachpak Warrnissorn and Alisa Kittipong have been shaking up the world of watches. The pair believes that to be different you don’t have to be the most ostentatiously dressed. Rather, they believe that a clean, simple approach to style is infinitely more fashionable. They also believe that when you invest in a watch, it should last despite the passage of time and changes in what’s considered to be trendy. That’s why the brand offers minimalist timepieces that will look stylish for years after they are purchased.

Simpl Watches are made with fine quality materials to ensure that they are truly timeless. The cases are all stainless steel and available in a variety of finishes, and the straps are fashioned out of premium Italian leather.

Not only are Simpl Watches incredibly stylish, but they’re also remarkably priced. The luxury grade timepieces generally retail for under $100. Simpl sells their watches through authorized stockists around the world and also ships worldwide from their official website, where you can check out the latest looks in their collection.

(Picture by Simpl watch)

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