Smart Watches Get Bolder with the BOLDR Voyage Watch

Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular, but for those who love fine watches, the idea of strapping on a smart watch instead of a well made luxury timepiece just isn’t appealing. With the BOLDR Voyage Watch, it’s finally possible to get the look of an elegantly crafted analog watch but with the functionality of a smartwatch.

The BOLDR Voyage Watch uses BlueTooth technology to pair with any mobile device. From the outside, the timepiece looks like a classic aviator watch, and it’s offered with a variety of leather and nylon canvas strap options. Once it’s paired with a mobile device, the BOLDR Voyage can perform a variety of functions, including:

– Notifying you with an LED light and a vibration when you have a phone call, a text message or an app notification

– Counting your steps with an integrated pedometer

– Tracking the time for a secondary time zone

– Allowing you to take a photograph with your smartphone by pushing a button on the watch

– Letting you know if you get too far from your smartphone, so that you don’t ever forget it at home or on the go

The Travisleon Watch Company set out to raise $22,586 to bring the BOLDR Voyage Watch to the market. When this profile was written, there were still 33 days until the campaign would close on 27 October 2015; however, the campaign had already generated more than $77,500 in revenue. It’s clear that the concept of this watch has major appeal, and it will be exciting to see how the watch turns out when it comes out of production.


2 thoughts on “Smart Watches Get Bolder with the BOLDR Voyage Watch

  1. Smartwatches are the latest technological addition. Its basically very good to inform us of any notification, to check various health parameters and so on. So a new smartwatch comes called BOLDR Voyage watch. And its a very beautiful and very wonderful smartwatch. So to know more anyone can visit us.

  2. Varun Sharma says:

    I totally agree they are the revolution, Thank you for the amazing article keep sharing such things.

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