squarestreet Watches: Scandinavia Meets Asia

Micro brands of Scandinavian watches from Sweden and Denmark are gaining a massive following among watch lovers. For those who love the minimalist modern appeal of Scandinavian timepieces, squarestreet offers a collection of watches that are sure to please while delivering something distinctly different than other brands that show off that characteristic Danish and Swedish modernism.

squarestreet draws inspiration from the spirit of Scandinavian watch design, but the timepieces in the brand’s collection are incredibly unique. That’s because the designers at squarestreet are heavily influenced by their surroundings. You see, squarestreet doesn’t hail from Stockholm or Copenhagen; the brand got its start in one of the most fashionable districts in Hong Kong. The street style of Hong Kong plays such a vital role in defining squarestreets look that the brand is named after the street where its birthplace is located.

All squarestreet timepieces are constructed in Hong Kong using materials that are sourced from local manufacturers. By keeping production and sourcing local, squarestreet is able to exercise a high degree of quality control that is reflected in both the style and durability of their designs.

There are a number of unique timepieces in the squarestreet collection, including single hand watches and watches with striking patterned cases. The watches are available for purchase directly from WatchBandit.

(Picture by squarestreet)

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