Stranger Watches Ocean Predator Series: Divers Inspired by the Sea

Divers watches are worn for both fashion and function by modern gents, but it’s rare to find timepieces that are both unique in terms of their appearance and capable of holding up well when worn for actual dives. Stranger Watches has set out to change that with their new line of impressive diver watches called the Ocean Predator Series.

Inspired by the strength and beauty of predators that reside in the deep blue sea, the Stranger Watches Ocean Series includes four timepieces:

– The Bull Shark. Constructed out of 316L stainless steel, the Bull Shark has a silver, round case with a black dial that has been hammered for an attractive texture. The bezel rotates, and the watch features a sapphire crystal face and Super Luminova hands.

– The Barracuda. The Barracuda looks similar to the Bull Shark, but it features a rose gold-colored case.

– The Leopard Seal. The Leopard Seal resembles the Barracuda but with a white dial.

– The Orca. The Orca brings back the black dial of the Barracuda and the Bull Shark but with a matte black brushed finish on its case.

To introduce the Ocean Predator Series, Stranger Watches has started a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $20,000 in funds. With 4 days still remaining in the campaign at the time this was written, Stranger Watches had received more than $19,637 in pledges from over 48 backers, putting them on pace to reach their goal and fully fund the new watch line. The timepieces are expected to ship in September 2016 with worldwide delivery available.

One thought on “Stranger Watches Ocean Predator Series: Divers Inspired by the Sea

  1. RafaelEi says:

    As a diver this watch will not cater to the diving community, you can buy a SeaDweller and have plenty of change left, not to mention the years it will last .

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