The Surfer Bracelet: Stylish Looks Inspired by the Sea

Some people call it a nautical bracelet. Some people call it a surfer bracelet. Some people call it a maritime rope bracelet. But no matter what name you refer to it as, this men’s bracelet design is a stylish look that you can wear for all types of occasions.

Here are a few key facts about surfer bracelets to get you familiar with this current trend:

  • Surfer bracelets are constructed out of maritime sailing rope, a type of nylon cord that is used on boats for rigging. The cord is very resistant to wear and tear, so bracelets made from the material can be worn during sports and while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Most surfer bracelets feature a double knotted design that makes them adjustable. The bracelets are continuous circles that you slip on over your hand. Once in place you can move the knots to double the length over in order to shorten it to fit your wrist.
  • You can find surfer or nautical bracelets in solid colours as well as with stripes. The most common design includes patterns made up of alternating accent colours in two different shades.

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