Techné Instruments: A Return to Basics

Many watch brands today are trying to outdo each other by adding flashy bells and whistles to their designs. While this advances the evolution of timepiece style, it doesn’t do anything for the actual performance of watches. That leaves men unable to trust that their watches will work reliably and accurately and stand up to the effects of harsh environments and wear and tear. Techné Instruments is changing that with a return to emphasizing quality.

Founded in 2007, Techné Instruments is a brand that focuses on creating timepieces that reflect traditional style sensibilities and outperform luxury timepieces. The watches feature precision quartz and mechanical movement systems that allow the watch to track the hours precisely. Intended for wear for any occasion, the watches are incredibly lightweight for comfort, yet they are made from ultra rugged materials that resist weather damage, scratching and impact. Easy to read, the Techné Instruments watches have a simple dial with clear markers that allow gents to see the time with just a quick glance.

Techné Instruments watches are sold at retailers at 30 stores around the world, but you can also buy their timepieces directly from the manufacturer at their online store. When you consider how well the watches perform and last, Techné Instruments watches are remarkably affordable. Prices start at just $150 with the most expensive timepieces selling for less than $200. You can have your order shipped anywhere in the world, and the brand also sells extra straps that you can mix and match with the watch that you purchase.

(Picture by Techné Instruments)

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