The 10 Watches: Chronographs at Affordable Prices

Chronograph timepieces provide extra functionality for the modern man, making it possible to track more than just the hours with your watch. With that added functionality typically comes a higher price tag, so many men forgo chronographs when it comes time to purchase a new timepiece. A brand new watch brand startup is hoping to change that and make chronograph watches more accessible for men. That brand is The 10 Watches, and they’ve recently made their debut on the market.

Based in Hong Kong, The 10 Watches was founded by a team of designers with 10 years of experience working in the watch industry. The company’s chronograph watch collection includes a stately timepiece with a 316L surgical grade stainless steel case that measures 42 millimeters in diameter by 11.5 millimeters in thickness. While affordably priced, the chronograph watches are made from high quality components, including sapphire crystal glass, genuine leather straps and Seiko VK63 6 hand chronograph movement. The watch straps even feature a quick release mechanism that makes it easy to change the look of the watches with replacement bands.

To introduce The 10 Watches chronograph timepieces, the brand is raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is currently featured on IndieGogo and has a flexible goal of $30,000. Thus far at the time of writing, the campaign had generated $271 in revenue from three backers. There were many rewards to claim, making it possible to purchase affordable The 10 Watches chronograph watches for extra low prices.

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