The Alvieri Watch: Elegance Made Accessible

When you’re putting on a watch to wear to work or for a special occasion, you want your timepiece to make the best possible impression. But does that mean that you have to spend a fortune on a luxury dress watch? An up-and-coming American watch brand called Alvieri, LLC, doesn’t think so. That’s why they’ve designed an impressive dress watch that is also impressively priced.

The Alvieri Watch was inspired by the designers’ own struggles to find an elegant, sophisticated dress watch that was accessibly priced. The watch was designed to be every bit as fashionable and handsome as watches that cost thousands of dollars but will be available for a small fraction of the price.

What makes the Alvieri watch so exceptional is its stunning dial. The watch has simple, yet chic Roman numeral hour markers surrounding a sun ray face set with a petite date marker and a lunar calendar dial. Powered by a reliable Swiss quartz movement system, the watch has a protective sapphire crystal glass lens and is finished with a supple, premium quality Italian leather strap.

The Alvieri Watch

To introduce the Alvieri Watch, Alvieri, LLC, is raising funds through Kickstarter. The brand set a funding goal of $10,000 and has already surpassed it despite the fact that there were still 21 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign. Rewards include Alvieri watches at discounted prices, and at the time this blog post was written, there were still many available to claim.

(Picture & Video by Alvieri)

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