The Best Replacement Straps for Vintage Watches

Remember that stylish vintage timepiece that you’ve had sitting in your drawer? If you haven’t been able to show off that antique or family heirloom due to the appearance of its strap or are wearing it less frequently because you’re concerned it’s no longer fastening securely, you can restore and repair the watch with a Perlon strap and have a timepiece that you can enjoy wearing.

Perlon straps from WatchBandit are made out of premium synthetic materials that are woven into a heavy plaited strap. The material used in the construction of the straps is heavy-duty and water-resistant, allowing it to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. Despite their strength, the Perlon straps are light in weight, so they never feel bulky or heavy on the wrist. The straps fasten securely with stainless steel buckles, which will never tarnish and ensure the safest of fits to eliminate the risk of your vintage watch becoming lost.

Getting the perfect Perlon strap to complement your vintage timepiece is easy. The straps come in three width sizes: 18 millimeters, 20 millimeters and 22 millimeters. You can choose the strap that is most similar in size to your watch or create an eye-catching contrast by using a thinner strap with a wider case. The straps are available in 14 designer colors with everything from classic options like grey, brown and black to bold hues like orange, purple and yellow. You can even purchase more than one color to mix and match with your vintage timepiece to match your outfits. See all the WatchBandit perlon straps here.

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  1. Braden Bills says:

    I want to find a nice watch to wear. It makes sense that vintage watches could be beneficial and fancy! I can see why the strap might need to be replaced, though. That’s definitely something for me to keep in mind.

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