The Greenwich Time Gate Watch: A Replica of a World Famous Timepiece

The Prime Meridian is an imaginary vertical line that is part of the universal system of longitude and latitude. There, the world is divided into the eastern and western hemispheres. The line runs through a number of points in Europe and Africa, but its location is designated by a special observatory in Greenwich Prime Meridian, a town located in the United Kingdom.

In the exact spot of the Prime Meridian is a structure known as Shepherd’s Gate. On the wall hangs the GMT Shepherd Gate Clock, which was constructed back in 1852. Now, a watch company called GTG Watches has recreated every detail of this famous clock in the Greenwich Time Gate Watch, a very unique automatic timepiece with a 24-hour timekeeping dial and a distinctive vintage look. The watch features hand-assembled movement systems, and each one is numbered, as the timepiece is only being produced as a limited edition run. The watch comes with gunuine Italian leather straps, but will certainly also look great on a perlon strap.

The Greenwich Time Gate Watch was introduced with funds generated through a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign ran for 30 days starting on November 9, 2015, and raised £57,607 during its tenure. Now that the campaign has been funded successfully, GTG Watches is currently producing the first orders, which are expected to be delivered sometime in May 2016. There is no word yet about when GTG Watches will be accepting pre-orders for the Greenwich Time Gate Watch from people who did not get a chance to get in on the Kickstarter promotion.

(Picture & video by GTG Watch)

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