The Inspiration Behind REC Watches

REC Watches combine style with sustainability, making them popular timepieces with gents who want distinctive watches that are friendly to the planet. Each watch is crafted out of salvaged auto parts from a classic automobile and has the VIN number of the car stamped on the back of its case. What’s especially interesting about REC watch designs is that the style of timepieces is inspired by the vehicles from which they were made.

Here’s a closer look at the inspiration behind some of the brand’s current designs:

  • The Mark I. The Mark I is inspired by the Mark I Mini Cooper from the 1960s, and you can instantly see the resemblance between the timepieces and the dashboard of the vehicle. The Mini Cooper dash was oval shaped with two round dials placed on either side of the odometer. The elliptical shape is echoed on the dial of the timepiece with date and second-hand subdials to complete the effect.
  • The Cooper. The Cooper is also inspired by the Mini Cooper, but not by the interior of the vehicle. Instead, the designers at REC looked outside at the bonnet stripes found on many of the 1960s models, including the ones made famous by “The Italian Job.” Those dual stripes are clearly depicted on the metallic dial of the Cooper timepiece in white or black.

To see just how the automobile inspired timepieces in the REC watches collection look, head over to our shopping page, where you can check out the full collection.

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