The Mason Watch: Modern Style Etched in Stone

While watch cases can differ greatly in terms of their shape and color, most men’s designer watches are made from the same material–stainless steel. The metal may be plated with precious metals or PVD coated a unique color, but underneath the finish is the same metal.

Would it be possible to create a watch from something else entirely? Designer Lorenzo Buffa asked that question himself for an art school design project, and the answer he came up with went on to become the basis for the design of a watch that is creating a major buzz on Kickstarter–The Mason Watch.

The Mason Watch is a timepiece with a case constructed out of genuine marble. The natural stone is carefully selected to bring a unique patterning to each timepiece, making each watch produced one of a kind. The line of Mason watches includes black and white marble designs with round and hexagonal cases available. The watches are driven by gold-plated Swiss movements and Swiss batteries with 40-month lifespans. Each of the eight available designs is finished with a premium leather strap with either a NATO or Zulu design.

At the time that this blog post was written, The Mason Watch campaign on Kickstarter had earned more than $45,000 from 245 backers against a goal of just $20,000. The campaign still has 13 days left at this time with watches expected to ship as early as September 2015. More information can be obtained at the official Kickstarter page for The Mason Watch.

You can buy the watches from Analog Watch Co. here.

(Picture by analogwatchco)

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